We build cutting edge information technology and engineering solutions that make a lasting impact on the world and improve the way business is conducted across enterprise systems.

SNS is a proven IT Services Provider with a successful history of past performance as both a subcontractor and a prime contractor. Challenging IT solution development is what we do; be it Artificial Intelligence-Expert Systems, software development or legacy systems. We are experts in integration, open-source development, or complete enterprise system interoperability, all of which meet the needs for mission-critical data.

Safety Net Solutions, Inc. (SNS), has created innovations that vastly improve U.S. military operations, enabled the mass production of plastic ID cards for INS/ICE and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and currently saves the airline industry millions of dollars in fuel consumption each year. SNS is well known for finding and building solutions that meet or exceed expectations on time or ahead of schedule, as well as within budget.


M.Sc Health Informatics


Jeff Hall is a retired U.S. Navy Chief who has spent nearly his entire adult life in health care. His experience includes field/ combat medicine, hospital and clinical medicine, shipboard medicine, administrative and management, human resources and recruiting, telemedicine development and sales, project management and health informatics.

He has extensive experience with the Military Healthcare System (MHS), Veterans Health Administration (VHA), and was instrumental in introducing telemedicine into the Department of State for implementation throughout the network of embassies and consulates worldwide.

Jeff Hall’s vision is to utilize his skills and broad range of experience to find solutions to some of the most significant issues plaguing businesses today.

1 The National Institutes of Health (NIH) definition of Health Informatics:
“Health informatics is the development and assessment of methods and systems for the acquisition, processing and interpretation of patient data with the help of knowledge from scientific research. This definition implies that health informatics is not tied to the application of computers but more generally to the entire management of information in healthcare.”

WINNER 2009 Small Business Prime Contractor of The Year SBA Region 1